Hello everyone,
I want you to know about some of my own problems getting a job or keeping a job. I was born a hermaphrodite. I look female to a lot of people but besides having breast I also have some male genitalia. I am considered the 3rd gender in some culture's (androgyny).

I was at a job interview and the guy interviewing said to me that "Gregory was an odd name for a woman" at that time I didn’t know anything about hermaphrodites. I said to him "I am a MAN not a WOMAN!" He turned red and excused himself from the room, and had his secretary come in. To tell me that he had to leave. They would call me if the were interested. I went to use the bathroom before I left. He was at the urinal zipping up. When he turned around and saw me. He looked at the floor. Said sorry and left. When I left the bathroom I looked over at where I was having an interview the secretary saw me and got up and closed his door.

I worked a few temp jobs were I had a few male bosses some were fine others couldn’t work with me because they found me attractive. They were married men I made them feel uneasy. I wasn’t the one man handling there female employees! I was referred to as “IT” when these bosses wanted to get rid of me.

My mother was concerned that so many people thought I was a woman when I turned 23 I was tested to see if there was something genetic wrong with me. The doctor told us that I have “Klinefelter's syndrome”'s_syndrome
I have xxxy chromosomes.

It’s nice to know why I am discriminated against. I did take testosterone replacement for a while but stopped, I got angry to much.

I did finally found a job, and fear loosing it. The pay is okay & it has benefits.