Outlinc in Response to Petition Drive: We Are Undeterred


For immediate release

May 31, 2012


For more information contact Tyler Richard, Outlinc President



Outlinc President Tyler Richard released the following statement in response to the petition drive to repeal the Fairness Ordinance:


Outlinc is disappointed that groups using misleading information and scare tactics have convinced people that a majority vote on basic civil rights is the right thing to do. 


Since the residents of Lincoln gave the City Council the power to prevent discrimination in 1966, no one has ever suggested that the rights of a minority group come before a public vote except with this issue. This effort is clearly about something other than process. 


Fairness should not be held hostage to extreme religious viewpoints especially when the religious exemption for this ordinance was strengthened at the request of some of these same religious leaders. This effort is clearly about discrimination.


We believe the City Council acted in the best interest of Lincoln’s minority LGBT citizens, Lincoln’s faith communities, and Lincoln’s future as an economically viable city. The Fairness Ordinance was the right thing to do.


Outlinc has collected numerous stories of discrimination and unfair treatment in our community. We’re confident that the majority of Lincoln’s residents want to see these stories of discrimination come to an end.


While we are disappointed that the rights of a minority could be put to the vote of the majority, we are undeterred in our willingness to work hard to end this unfair treatment. Join our fight by sharing your views with your friends and sharing your stories of discrimination through MakeLincolnFair.org.