Your workplace should support fairness

We are making progress, thanks to you and 73% of Nebraskans who believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people should be protected from employment discrimination. The Fairness Ordinance will be introduced at tonight's City Council meeting. Stay tuned for info on participating in the public hearing on Monday, May 7.
The evening Outlinc announced the Fairness Ordinance, surrounded by business and community leaders, something really special happened. A member of the LGBT community told me that she enjoyed being in a supportive workplace that offered domestic partner benefits and employment protections. She had never told her employer what that meant to her. The Fairness Ordinance, she told me, encouraged her to want to speak-up and tell her employer to help Make Lincoln Fair.
Will you speak-up and ask your employer to Make Lincoln Fair?

  1. Read Why we should Make Lincoln Fair and give a copy to your employer.
  2. Tell your employer why fairness matters to you and your business.
  3. Fill out the form at and let us know if your employer has protections for gay and transgender employees or if the business is able to support the fairness ordinance.

It will take many people, just like you, saying that fairness matters. Please take a moment to share your story with your workplace today.